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News | January 30, 2014

New LSR Forms at PBL

by Aaron Burke

Pacific BioLabs’ LSR forms receive a significant update

We’re pleased to announce that PBL’s Laboratory Service Request forms, which are used to initiate testing, have been redone completely to enhance usability. There are several notable new features of these LSRs:

  • Filled out versions of the forms can now be saved, to make it faster and easier to start repeat, frequently-done testing.
  • Digital signatures are now accepted – LSRs can now be filled out, signed, and emailed electronically.
  • New formatting makes it easier to enter long descriptions or more complete information – such as when entering custom instructions.

The new LSRs can be found here: PBL LSR page.

We recommend using these new LSRs instead of the old versions, and hope that you find these changes useful.

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