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News | May 10, 2012

Congrats Aryo!!

by Mimi Leong

Danville High School Student Wins Top Prize in California State Science Fair

Congratulations to Aryo Sorayya for winning the Grand Prize for his project in the California State Science Fair this year!  Aryo’s mentor was Dr. Rajiv Nayar, President of HTD Biosystems, with whom we used to share a building with before they moved their office to Pleasanton.  Aryo is currently a junior at Monte Vista High School in Danville, California and competed against 993 students from about 400 schools statewide.

The goal of Aryo’s project, “Overcoming the Cold Chain: Designing a Novel Freeze-Stable Vaccine,” was to design a vaccine that did not lose its potency upon freezing so it could be used as an alternative to freeze-sensitive aluminum-based vaccines.  This was done by using a lipid blend-complex made of natural, biodegradable lipids because it would be stable after being freeze-dried at -45 degrees Celsius.  All the in-vivo work was done at Pacific BioLabs and his experiment resulted in a significant immunogenic response in mice, which was similar to that of aluminum-based vaccines.

Once again, congratulations Aryo!  PBL is always glad to see students and clients who we’ve worked with succeed.  We are sure that we will be hearing more great things about your success in the future.

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