PBL’s purpose build 32,000 square foot facility was designed with GLP and cGMP compliance in mind.

Pacific BioLabs is housed in a stunning 32,000 square foot facility in Hercules, CA. This state-of-the-art laboratory/vivarium allows us to offer top quality testing services to our clients throughout the world. With spectacular views out onto the San Francisco Bay, the site also provides a fantastic working environment for the PBL staff.

Purpose-Built Workspaces

The In Vivo Services department occupies most of the ground floor. The vivarium contains 26 animal rooms (including a separate suite for SPF rodents) along with contiguous laboratory spaces – a surgical suite, a necropsy lab, a radiation lab, and other procedure rooms. A dedicated dose prep lab also supports vivarium activities. The entire area is served by a HEPA-filtered HVAC system. The vivarium has ample space for support functions, including a cagewash area with a Basil 4600 cage and rack washer, a feed and bedding room, and a separate clean cage storage area.

Microbiology Services is located on the second floor, with separate labs for general micro, bioburden/LAL, incubation and enumeration, and media prep. A modern sterility testing suite includes a dedicated autoclave, media storage, and incubation rooms.

The Analytical Chemistry department shares the second floor with microbiology and contains an analytical web lab, a protein analytics lab, a plate based assay lab space a mass spec lab with five mass spec instruments, an HPLC suite containing a dozen instruments, and a stability chamber room with six large chambers.

The second floor also houses Quality Assurance, Administration/HR/Accounting, business development and facility support functions.

GMP/GLP Facility Validation

Commissioned in 2000, all major building systems and equipment have been validated to cGMP and GLP standards. A diesel powered generator supplies back-up electrical service for all critical utilities and equipment. A Rees monitoring system provides 24-hour alerts of any deviations, outages, or other problems.

The building’s design facilitates sound workflow, as evidenced by PBL’s stellar FDA performance, our ISO 17025:2017 accredited operations and AAALAC accredited animal science program. The building site can also accommodate a planned 18,000 square foot expansion.

Pacific BioLabs