MyPBL – PBL’s Client Portal

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MyPBL is Pacific BioLabs’ client portal. The site will allow study sponsors to view their past reports, acquire previous Laboratory Service Requests (LSRs), see which PO is assigned to which study, look at their invoices and access current and expired quotes. We are excited about sharing with you. If you have not yet requested a myPBL account please Contact Pacific Biolabs to register. Client Portal Access Point

How does myPBL work?

To gain access to the client portal, please contact Pacific BioLabs. A client account manager will register you and shortly after you will receive an email containing instructions on how to log-in to the site.

For a demonstration of our client portal please take a look at this video which shows you how to navigate through the site.

For any questions please contact your current Client Account Manager or email

Once logged in, there are a series of tabs which can be used to navigate around the portal. The “Submissions” tab will bring you to a page showing information from all the samples that you have submitted to PBL. The “Projects & Reports” tab contains a study status column which informs clients of the status of their study. If the study is complete, a PDF of the report will be available to view. To see data from collegues within your company, you will need to go to the account button at the top of the page and scroll down to data sharing. Click on the person’s name that you would like to share data with and then navigate back to the Submissions tab or the Projects & Reports tab to see their data. If there is person that you would like to share data with but that person is not representated on your data sharing list, please contact Pacific BioLabs and we will add their name, with their permission.

The last tabs, POs, Invoices and Quotes tabs, display information that can be viewed by anyone in your company. The PO tab displays the purchase orders which you have issued to PBL. The Invoices tab shows the invoices that have been sent by PBL to your company and includes the study number associated with that invoice and if the invoice has been paid. The Quotes tab lists all the quotes, current as well as expired, that your company has asked for.

We think the the MyPBL customer portal will be a very useful tool and we hope that it makes our workflow more transparent to our clients as well as making your job a little bit easier. Please let us know if you have any questions. We’ll be happy to work you through the portal in person or over the phone if you are having any difficulty finding what you need.

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