A thorough written laboratory service request must be included with all samples submitted for testing. Pacific BioLabs has several types of Laboratory Service Requestforms which we encourage you to use. The Laboratory Service Request (LSR) has replaced PBL’s long standing Request for Analysis (RFA).

Below you will find a brief overview of the information gathered on the LSR form.


Report To – Name and address of the report contact person and who we should contact regarding testing.

Invoice To – Name, address, and phone number of the person or department to whom the invoice should be sent.  This is only needed if different from the Report To information.

Phone – Phone number of the report contact person.

Fax – Fax number of the report contact person.

P.O. – A P.O. number is required for all testing; many clients issue standing P.O.’s for routine testing.

Email – Email address of the report contact person.

Quote – Quote number from the Request for Quotation.

Test Article ID – Complete Test Article description and the identifying information as they should appear on the final report.  Please include a description of sample container or packaging.

Quantity – The number of samples being submitted.

Lot No. – The number that identifies what lot the samples came from.

Code – The Test Article code if present.

Storage Conditions – Indicate temperature range at which Test Article should be stored.

Controlled Substance – Is the Test Article a controlled substance?  If yes, indicate schedule?

Hazardous – Is the Test Article hazardous?  If yes, what type of hazard?  If hazardous client must include MSDS with their Test Article submission.

Return Test Articles – Does the Test Article need to be returned?  If yes, what is your carrier and account number?

Regulatory Treatment – Indicate whether the testing should be done in accordance with cGMP, GLP or none?

Rush – Does the testing need to be done faster than standard Turnaround Time?  Indicate desired report date.

Do You Want Report Date Confirmation? – Indicate if you want the study director to contact you with their email address, expected date on test, expected date off test, and expected report date.

Archive Options – Indicate archive option for your reports (either non-GLP or GLP) and GLP specimens.After study completion, all paper records will be scanned by a fully validated system that complies with GMP and GLP regulations. The scanned copies will be stored at PBL indefinitely. Paper records and GLP Specimens will be stored by PBL at no charge for the first year after study completion.


Testing Authorized By – By signing the LSR, PBL has your permission to proceed with testing.

For each test requested, please submit separately packaged, labeled samples. This will expedite the testing of your samples. This does not apply to samples for strictly chemistry or strictly microbiological analysis (except sterility tests).

The submission of a complete Laboratory Service Request with your samples will reduce the turnaround time of your test and insure that the information on the Report of Analysis meets your expectations.

Pacific BioLabs