Contact Lens Care Products – Microbiology

To meet FDA standards, contact lens solutions must be tested to show adequate cleaning and disinfection efficacy, and to demonstrate the antimicrobial properties of the included preservative.

For the contact lens solution stand alone test the solution is challenged with P. aeruginosa, C. Albican, S. marcenscens, S. aureus, and F. solani and the extent of viability loss at predetermined time intervals are determined.

The regimen test includes cleaning, rinsing and soaking in a manner consistent with the product labeling. The inoculum is carried through the various stages of the disinfection regimen and at the end of the process the number of viable organisms are counted.

Tests for Multi-Dose Preserved Contact Lens Care Products

  • Test for Preservative Efficacy
  • Test for Disinfection Efficacy

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