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Microbiology, News | August 5, 2021


Pacific BioLabs is grateful for the opportunity to have collaborated with SteriTek and MediZap on the recent Zap+Learn webinars. SteriTek is a leading provider of E-beam and X-ray sterilization services, and Medizap is North America’s premier turn-key service provider of cutting-edge E-​Beam sterilization.

PBL presented information on  ISO 11737-1, ISO 11737-2, and USP <71> sterilization cycle validation including:

  • sample assessment and sample selection procedures
  • performing microbiological validations of sterilization cycles
  • how outcomes are measured and reported
  • how to interpret validation test results

To view the video, click  Zap + Learn 2 Drug and Device Electron Beam | X-Ray Sterilization Validation & Packaging Innovations.

A second webinar in this series is Zap + Learn 1 The Terminal Sterilization Landscape: The Future is Now for Drug and Device

For more information on medical device testing at PBL please Contact Us. Services offered include

  • biocompatibility testing and device analytical chemistry per ISO 10993
  • VDmax, Method 1, and Method 2 sterilization validations
  • sterilization microbiology including bioburden, sterility and LAL testing
  • cleaning and disinfection studies for reusable devices.


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