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Detailed Methods for Performing Extractables Testing of Materials

A recent article from the Parenteral Drug Association (PDA) Journal provides some of the best information we have found on methods to determine and characterize extractables. It is definitely suggested reading for anyone performing extractables testing, or hoping to better understand this type of materials testing.

From the Parenteral Drug Association Journal:

“Plastic and rubber materials are commonly encountered in medical devices and packaging/delivery systems for drug products. Characterizing the extractables from these materials is an important part of determining that they are suitable for use. In this study, five materials representative of plastics and rubbers used in packaging and medical devices were extracted by several means, and the extracts were analytically characterized to establish each material’s profile of extracted organic compounds and trace element/metals. This information was utilized to make generalizations about the appropriateness of the test methods and the appropriate use of the test materials. ”

Pacific BioLabs performs device extractables and ISO 10993-18 testing services.

Full article: Extractables Characterization for Five Materials of Construction Representative of Packaging Systems Used for Parenteral and Ophthalmic Drug Products

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