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In Vivo Services, News | January 28, 2020

PBL Clients in the News – Targeting Toxins in Snake Venom

PBL clients are at the forefront of identifying new targets for drug discovery and development. Ophirex, a San Francisco Bay Area startup company founded by Matthew Lewin, M.D., Ph.D, is investigating new approaches targeting specific components of snake venom that drive toxicological responses in humans. In many cases these responses are often fatal in the absence of immediate medical intervention. Through their research Dr. Lewin and colleagues are aiming to significantly improve upon conventional treatment paradigms in treating snakebite victims on a global scale. In order to achieve this goal, Ophirex continues to partner with PBL in toxicological profiling of lead drug candidates as the company focuses on moving these compounds into clinical trials.

“As we advance our development program, PBL’s responsiveness and professionalism have made them a key resource, and we appreciate their genuine enthusiasm and support of our mission”.

Work from Dr. Lewin’s team has been presented in a number of formats including peer reviewed scientific journals and most recently in forums such as NPR (Planet Money Episode #951) and Scientific America.

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