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News | July 20, 2018

PBL Purchases QuickPlex SQ 120 MSD Platform

Pacific BioLabs has purchased and validated a QuickPlex SQ 120 MSD instrument and we are now accepting requests for MSD studies.  The instrument will be used for immunogenicity testing, biomarker analysis, PK/PD bioanalysis, product development and release assays as well as R&D studies.  For a limited time, MSD has offered PBL a discounted rate on specific reagents.  Discounts range from 20% to 50% off list prices, please contact PBL for specifics regarding this opportunity.

The MSD platform has many advantages over traditional ELISA methods such as:

  • Higher Sensitivity
  • Better Dynamic Range
  • Less Matrix Effects
  • Ability to Multiplex
  • Ability to Scale Up
  • Less Sample Required

Contact PBL to initiate your MSD project today.

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