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News | September 30, 2019

PBL Purchases Sciex Triple Quad 6500 Plus LC-MS/MS

Pacific BioLabs has purchased a new Sciex Triple Quad 6500+ LC-MS/MS. This instrument is a great addition to our existing AB Sciex API 4000 QTrap LC-MS/MS and Sciex 5600 Triple TOF-MS. It will be primarily used for quantitative bioanalysis of small and large molecules. This instrument relies on the IonDrive Technology that provides high sensitivity, speed and reliability. With the 6500+, our bioanalytical team will be able to see a range of concentrations in a single injection in positive or negative polarity.

Key Advantages of Sciex Triple Quad 6500+

  • Up to 6 orders of linear dynamic range
  • Revolutionary Signal-to-Noise and LOQ
  • Polarity switching speeds of 5 milliseconds

Bioanalytical Services available at PBL

  • Sample analysis for clinical and nonclinical studies
  • Bioanalytical methods development and validation
  • GLP compliance

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