While Pacific BioLabs is often collaborating with clients to develop and validate methods for the analysis of new drug candidates, their Analytical Department also has considerable experience analyzing for common reagents, generic pharmaceuticals or older drugs that have been marketed for many years. Pacific BioLabs offers several platforms (HPLC/UV, LC/MS, GC/MS, GC/FID, ELISA) for analysis, so whether you are conducting residue analysis for an antibiotic like kanamycin, or for a drug-drug interaction study, Pacific BioLabs likely has analytical experience with your compound or for an analog in the same chemical class.

The table below details a partial list of compounds for which Pacific BioLabs has analytical familiarity. Based on the compound, the matrix, and the sensitivity requirements, analytical and bioanalytical methods have been developed and qualified at Pacific BioLabs utilizing appropriate techniques. Analysis methods for these compounds can be quickly tailored to your sample matrix for reduced cost and faster development time.

Table: Partial list of compounds for which PBL has developed analytical methods.

Compound Technique
Amiodarone HPLC/UV
Azithromycin HPLC/UV
Carbamazepine HPLC/UV
Carvedilol HPLC/UV
Clindamycin HPLC/UV
Clonidine HPLC/UV
Diltiazem HPLC/UV
Dyphylline HPLC/UV
Eprosartan HPLC/UV
Ethosuximide HPLC/UV
Levofloxacin HPLC/UV
Minoxidil HPLC/UV
Omeprazole HPLC/UV
Paracetamol HPLC/UV
Perindopril HPLC/UV
Prazosin HPLC/UV
Sacubitril HPLC/UV
Sertraline HPLC/UV
Simvastatin HPLC/UV
Sitagliptin HPLC/UV
Torasemide HPLC/UV
Trazodone HPLC/UV
Kanamycin LC/MS
Ortho-phthalaldehyde OPA GC/MS
Glutaraldehyde GC/MS
daunorubicinol LC/MS
daunorubicin LC/MS
idarubicinol LC/MS
idarubicin LC/MS
etoposide LC/MS
mitoxantrone LC/MS
AraC (cytarabine) LC/MS
Ciprofloxacin HPLC/UV
Dexamethasone HPLC/UV
Phthalates GC/MS
Nicotine GC/MS
Aflibercept ELISA
Herceptin ELISA
Bevacizumab ELISA
Filgrastim (Neupogen) ELISA
Growth Hormone ELISA


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