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Medical Device, News | February 12, 2024

Pacific BioLabs joins West Coast Device Alliance (WCDA)

ANAHEIM, CA | February 8, 2024 — Pacific BioLabs is excited to join the newly formed West Coast Device Alliance (WCDA), a strategic partnership comprised of some of the leading California-based medical device technology solution providers.

This union seeks to offer medical device manufacturers a comprehensive solution to bring their devices to market thanks to the critical assistance provided by these founding organizations.

During IME West held in Anaheim, CA, in early February, the nation’s largest advanced design and smart manufacturing event, senior leaders from each organization took part in a commemorative signing ceremony to solidify this recently established accord.

Michael Spalding, Pacific BioLabs’ CEO:, “I am very excited about this alliance, not only for the companies participating, but especially on behalf of our clients. Each of of the alliance members was in a similar situation – we offered one segment of a solution to medical device clients who are looking for help navigating the entire process from design to market. Now as members of the West Coast Device Alliance, we can work together to guide clients seamlessly through this process dramatically accelerating speed to market.

The West Coast Device Alliance brings more than 80 years of experience providing medical device manufacturers with end-to-end solutions to launch new devices to market.

The founding members of the WCDA include:

  • Blue Line Sterilization Services: Specializes in ethylene oxide (EO) sterilization services
  • Eagle Medical, Inc.: Specializes in FDA-compliant assembly, packaging, and in-house hydrogen peroxide gas plasma-specific sterilization
  • Pacific BioLabs, Inc.: Specializes in microbiology, in vivo services, analytical chemistry, and cell-based in vitro bioassays for the medical device and pharmaceutical industries. 
  • Steri-Tek: Specializes in high-volume E-beam and X-ray contract sterilizing and serves as an R&D innovation center
  • WESTPAK, Inc.: Specializes in product and package testing for the medical device, pharmaceutical, computer/electronics, consumer goods, food & beverages, and other industries

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