Exploratory Studies


ADME (Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism and Elimination) and pharmacokinetics (PK) studies are designed to establish the behavior of test materials in biological systems.  Biological samples (e.g., plasma, urine, feces, bile, etc.) are collected at designated intervals and the amount of test article is measured in each sample.  The behavior of the test material is characterized by the relationships between the amount of test material administered, the amount of test material measured in the various matrices, and the time post administration when the measurements are made.  Pacific BioLabs can conduct in vivo ADME and PK studies in a variety of species (e.g., rodents, rabbits, and guinea pigs) and by a variety of routes of administration (e.g., oral, intravenous, intramuscular, topical, etc).  Through strategic partnerships with external vendors, measurement of test materials is accomplished by various standard analytical procedures.  Analysis of PK results (concentration versus time) is conducted in-house with a validated, commercial pharmacokinetic modeling software program.

Download a printable version of our booklet Preclinical Toxicology – Points to Consider in Program Design (PDF).

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