MSD Biomarker Assays

Biomarker assays are used to determine the mechanism of action (MOA), safety or toxicity indicators, and as a diagnosis tool.  Personalized medicine, providing therapeutics that are specific to a patients biology, often requires that specific biomarkers are analyzed in order to determine which medication would be most effective.  Protein biomarkers have traditionally been analyzed by ELISA, but the electrochemiluminescence (ECLA) based MSD platform offers many advantages over the traditional ELISA methods.  Most importantly, the ability to multiplex has allowed rapid screening of proteins biomarkers allowing for more efficient biomarker discovery programs.

MSD provides several validated kits to aid your biomarker program.

V-Plex Human 54-plex Kit

This kit is designed to measure 54 human biomarkers that are important in inflammation response, immune system regulation and other key biologic processes.  Contact PBL for the complete list of biomarkers.

Additional Kits

MSD also provides a validated 46-plex and 40-plex kit.  U-Plex kits are also available.  Contact PBL for more information regarding all MSD biomarker kits and for our biomarker testing services.

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